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Emeric Viani (Co-Founder & Artistic Director) Cambridge Youth Gamelan

Emeric Viani is a music educator in the greater Boston area with special interests in non-traditional curriculum, world music, community music education, choral music, and Balinese gamelan. He is the Lower School music teacher at the Pike School in Andover, MA where he directs the after-school chorus for students in Grades 3-5 and an after-school Balinese gamelan ensemble for students in grades 3 – 6. He holds an M.A. in Music Education, & Ethnomusicology, B.M. in Music Education from the Eastman School of Music.

Recommended by Nick Page

Recommended by Nick

 I met Emeric when he was studying at Eastman school of music in Rochester, one of the top schools. He headed up a student chapter of MENC, a national support group for music educators.

He now teaches elementary school in Andover. I have been to his school.
I have always been impressed with what I’ve seen, but I’ve never seen him work with a chorus.
I think he directs or works with a Gamelan ensemble at MIT who perform at Kresge.
Having a connection to MIT would be great.

Notes from First Interview

Interviewed by Patricia and Olivia

Emeric Viani


The Mystic Chorale Mission


  1. What comes to mind when you read the Mystic mission statement and how would you see yourself fulfilling that mission?

Emeric loves singing opportunities for adults.  He sees Mystic as serving an underserved population ie. Community groups, singers age 30+.


As a conductor, teacher and community leader


  1. Briefly summarize your experience in choral conducting, focusing on what specifically has qualified you to be a conductor/music director of the Mystic Chorale?

A conductor at Boston Children’s Chorus for 5-6 years.  He now teaches music and conducts children’s choirs at a school in Andover.  He helps kids know that they all have a voice and something to offer.


  1. How would you describe your best qualities as a conductor? What words would others use to describe you as a leader and a conductor?

Determined, a problem-solver, fast on my feet, well-organized, good sense of humor, enjoys challenges.  Doesn’t wait for others to solve problems.


  1. Describe your teaching style and experience leading a non-auditioned choir whose members have varied abilities to read music.

All his choruses have had a wide range of music skills.  Leading children, he has learned to help the singers focus and make progress that is satisfying to them.


  1. Are you experienced creating practice materials for singers?



Selecting Music


  1. How would you go about selecting music for the Mystic Chorale? Where do you get your ideas?

Research, surfing the internet, networking


  1. Do you arrange music yourself or request an outside person create arrangements?

He likes to create medleys.  He will create multi-voice arrangements but may use others’ arrangements if outside his wheelhouse.  He would need a pianist at rehearsals.


Working with Guest Artists and Instrumentalists


  1. Do you have connections with guest artists and instrumentalists in the area?

He does not have many outside connections.  He would need our help.


Working with leadership


  1. What is your experience working with a Board of Directors and a Programming Committee?



Styles of Music


  1. What different styles of music interest you and what have you conducted?

everything, not much classical or country music.


Singers and Soloists


  1. Do you favor off-book performances and if so, how do you approach getting off-book?

Yes, 100% off-book.  If someone is struggling, allow them to hold music or lyric sheets.  There is a shift in music performance toward using written music in concerts.


Concerts and Audience Participation


  1. What is your experience rehearsing and conducting with a band, writing charts and conducting band/chorale rehearsals for a concert?

A lot


  1. What experience can you share about engaging the audience to participate in singing during a concert? Have you taught parts to an audience so that they can sing with the choir?

Yes, at the school concerts.