Become a Mystic Ambassador!

Help us get the word out to singers and audience alike… There are MANY easy ways you can help Mystic publicize what we do!

Do you have access to email distribution lists on which you could post about Mystic? Distribution lists and listservs are a great way for us to spread the word far and wide. If you belong to any (e.g.;, and are willing to post to the site, please let us know. If we don’t already have someone posting to that particular listserv, we will send you text to share when it’s time for singers to sign up for a new season or when we want to spread the word about our concerts. Contact to tell us about the lists on which you’re willing to post and for help doing so, if you need it.

If you’re on Facebook…

  • FOLLOW our Mystic Chorale Facebook page to see frequent posts with photos and videos from our seasons.
    • How to do this: Just get on Facebook, search for the Mystic page, and click the FOLLOW button below our cover photo (the large picture).
  • Invite your friends to follow our page too.
    • How to do this: Go to the Mystic Chorale page, where you’ll find a Community box below our cover photo on the right. Where it says, “Add Members” type in the name or email addresses of those who might like to LIKE and/or FOLLOW our page. Invite LOTS of people – those who aren’t interested will ignore the invitation; those who are will be able to follow the Mystic fun!
  • LIKE our posts as they arrive on your News feed.
    • How to do this: Click the LIKE button. Even better, LIKE them and COMMENT.
  • SHARE our posts! In terms of the Facebook algorithm that determines who sees our posts, SHARING is even more powerful than clicking on LIKE or COMMENTING. The more you SHARE our posts, the greater our “reach” within the Facebook world.
    • How to do this: Click on the SHARE button below each post. The SHARE button gives you several options – clicking on the top one will share the post with all of your Facebook friends.
  • SHARE the Facebook “Events” we create each season (one for each performance).
    • How to do this: Click on Events, which you’ll find in the left-hand column of the Mystic Chorale page. Below the large photo on top is the standard SHARE button. Use the drop-down menu to find SHARE WITH FRIENDS. A list of your friends will pop up. You just have to click to invite anyone you know who lives within traveling distance. Whether or not you think they will come, it’s good to spread the word – perhaps they’ll share it too!
    • AND/OR you can simply click on SHARE under each event, and they will be posted on your page.

Each season Mystic creates a digital invitation (e-vite) to the concert. The e-vite extends an offer of discounted tickets that can be purchased through Tuesday evening of concert week.  The e-vite is yet another great way to publicize the concert to your friends, family, colleagues, etc. so we can fill the hall! (And tickets purchased through you are counted in the ticket sales contest!)

Mystic’s full-sized concert flyers are great for posting in windows or on bulletin boards where there’s plenty of room. The mini-flyers are great for posting where the larger flyers won’t fit.

Post either-sized version at your local library, at your gym, at your favorite café, at work, at your house of worship, on the windows of your local pizza parlor – in other words, ANYWHERE people can tack up events of interest to the public!

Hand out and/or mail mini-flyers to friends, family, co-workers, book club members… to anyone who might be interested in attending the concert. Remember, if they buy tickets from you, their purchase will count toward your tally in the ticket sales contest.

Hand out the two discount coupons you receive each season  (a $5 discount at the door for up to two people at either concert) to folks who can’t commit to buying tickets ahead of time but who are interested in attending. You will only receive 2 of these per season, so use them judiciously!

We post to local newspapers when registration opens each season and when we’re announcing our concerts. Let us know if you have connections with your local paper.

We post on radio station websites and on the websites of relevant organizations (e.g. Greater Boston Choral Consortium). We are always interested in learning about the media connections of our singers, so please pass them along to us at


Questions? Marketing ideas? Contact!