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Be in-the-know about community events, social gatherings, local performances, and announcements! Mystic Yahoo is a listserv, an informal electronic way to keep connected to the community on a regular basis whether you are singing or not. It’s the place to let people know about great non–Mystic events, find people to go with, and learn about other opportunities.  There are currently about 300 members on the Mystic Yahoo Groups list – with a single email, you’ll reach us all!

How is this email list different than the Mystic Chorale Member Directory?

The Member Directory contains all the members in Mystic Chorale who have opted to be listed.  It is meant to serve as a means for individuals to connect privately.

The Yahoo Groups listserv is a public forum and is not used for official communication from the Mystic Chorale.  As a member, you will not have direct access to other individuals’ names and contact information.

Note: The Chorale will never sell or otherwise distribute your email address. These lists are set up as a way for members to share information and stay connected.

How do I join the Yahoo list?

To join the list, send an email to from the email address you want added to the list. Include your full name and a sentence about your connection with the Mystic community (for example “I’m an alto who joined in 2006 or I come to every concert or I sang in 2004 and will sing again when I can”).  The list moderator then instructs Yahoo to send you an invitation. Each member creates a “Yahoo member profile” that includes your preferences about how and where you receive the postings, and other information (much of which you may leave blank).  When you have completed the profile you may click a link to be automatically enrolled.  It sounds complicated but it’s not really.  We do this to deter spam and to benefit from the added functionality provided by Yahoo Groups.

What are my different options for viewing the group’s postings?

You have three options for access to postings:

  • Individual Email:  You will receive each message individually and immediately, as it is posted. Some days you’ll receive none; on a busy day you could receive a bunch.
  • Daily Digest:  You will receive 1 email a day with a compilation of that day’s postings. With this option, you may not receive notices until the day after they are posted.
  • Web Only: You will not receive any emails but will have access to all messages posted on the web by visiting our Yahoo! web page.

Your preference is part of your Yahoo membership profile and can be changed at any time by logging onto the website and editing your membership.  If you need additional information or assistance in signing up for the List, contact the group moderator, a Mystic Volunteer, at .

What types of things can I post on the Mystic Chorale Yahoo list?

The usefulness of this list grows with the number of people on it. The goal is to maintain a balance between creating a caring community and limiting the message volume to a reasonable size. In order to make the announcement list work well for the majority of members, please follow these basic posting guidelines:

  • Limit your posts to the following three categories:
    • Announcements (events, services, activities, jobs, housing etc.)
    • Invitations (“Who wants to come to the movies on Friday?”)
    • Questions/requests for help (searching for job/housing, recommendations for local services)
  • Please don’t post internet solicitations, jokes, photos, or personal beliefs. Note: The listserv is not intended to be a forum for political messages. We ask that you to limit political posts to local event announcements that you plan to attend or have a personal connection with.
  • Use an appropriately descriptive subject heading for your message.  For example for an invitation to attend a movie write “Wonder Woman at 8 p.m. Friday” instead of  “Movie.”
  • Remove all headers from forwarded messages. Include just the body of the message and the appropriate contact information.
  • Keep announcements brief, with two paragraphs or half a screen as a guideline.  For example instead of pasting in a full description of an upcoming concert, provide the internet link to it.
  • When replying to an individual message please, please do not reply to the entire list.  This will help keep the volume down.

Many members request a “digest” of the day’s messages.  This form of the message does not allow for attachments.  If you have an important, brief attachment, copy and paste it into the body of the message or have interested parties email you privately for the attachment.

How do I post a message to the group?

To post a message to the group send your email to

How do I get off this list?

If you wish to unsubscribe, simply send a blank email to .   If you would like to let us know why you are unsubscribing, you may communicate with the list moderator at .

Whom do I contact if I have a question or a problem?

If you have problems or questions, send an email to .

Happy posting!