CD – More Love [Fall 2019]


Recorded live at Mystic Chorale’s performances November 23 & 24, 2019.


Nick Page

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Nick Page


Recorded live November 23 & 24, 2019 at Converse Hall at Tremont Temple

Led by Nick Page

  1. Ke Nale Monna – South African as taught by Mollie Stone
  2. You Are My Sunshine/This Little Light – by Jimmy David & Charles Mitchell – duet: Joyce Nichols & Amy Fitzgerald
  3. My Love For You – by Alison Burns – song leaders: Carla Dorato & Steven Levy
  4. Shallow – by Lady Gaga, Mary Ronson, et al – solo: Tracey Greenspan & Maja Fiket
  5. More Love (Shaker hymn)/Africa (shape note hymn – words by Isaac Watts, music by William Billings) – arr. Nick Page
  6. Ya Hadi Allah – by William Allaudin Matthieu
  7. Lincoln’s Nigun (L’cha Dodi) – text by Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz, music by Joey Weisenberg – arr. Nick Page – solo: Andey Amata-Kynvi
  8. Vido Vido – by Maria & Filip Kutev – sextet: Marta Kabalin, Maja Fiket, Simona Bujoreanu, Janice Darling, Joyce Nichols & Erinn Farmer
  9. I Heard An Owl – by Carrie Newcomer – arr. Nick Page – solo: Erica Barrett Kenny & Kristina Howell
  10. Pride (In The Name Of Love) – words by Bono & The Edge, music by U2 – solo: Scooter Cretien, Steve Gerstung, Anna Schwartz Cohen & Erica Cyr
  11. Canzonetta (Fa Una Canzone) – by Orazio Vechi, additional music by Nick Page – small chorus solos: Meg Candilore, Carla Dorato, Cyndy Balyozian, Mabel Liang, Randy Austill, Jackie Damsky & Ann Wynne
  12. Come Healing – by Leonard Cohen & Patrick Leonard – arr. Marianne Thompson & Nick Page – solo: Maury Eldridge, Eric Behr & Barbara Ostrom
  13. Coney Island Baby – Trad. Barbershop “deranged” by Nick Page – quartet: Maury Eldridge, Nick Page, Mark Parisi & Paul Wehrlin
  14. God Only Knows – by Brian Wilson & Tony Asher – arr. Nick Page
  15. My Girl – by William “Smokey” Robinson & R. White – solo: Erinn Farmer & Randy Austill
  16. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You – by Edward Holland, Lamont Dozier & Brian Holland – solo: Mark Parisi & Steve Gerstung
  17. Twist and Shout – The Isley Brothers – solo: Gary Backstrom
  18. BONUS TRACK: Built for Comfort – by Willie Dixon – solo: Nick Page


guitar: Gary Backstrom & Eric Behr
piano & accordion: Joe Barbato
mandolin: Eric Kilburn
viola & violin: Jackie Damsky
recorder: Wendy Drexler
harmonica: Jeff Levin
bass: Doug Rich
drums: Matt Steinberg
percussion: Annmarie Strazzullo & Linda Shoemaker
rehearsal piano: Ruth Roper