Singer’s Mask for Mystic Members ONLY


NATS-TMF Vocal Performance Mask

Adult size

TMF Vocal Masks rated the safest by Colorado State University’s mask aerosol containment study.

These are not medical grade.
Elastic ear loops
Allows for full facial and jaw movement without compromising aerosol containment
One side fits all filtered mask
Can be used for choral, theatre, and public speaking
Machine washable
Air drying recommended


We will NOT be mailing these mask out.  You must pick it up in person.

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Colorado State University Aerosol Study

Researched as the safest mask in particle containment by Colorado State University. The mask’s special construction allows the wearer to comfortably move his/her mouth while being completely covered. TMF is here to assist you in making SAFETY a top priority. To review the study, please click the link below. Contact us for any questions:

Our masks are TMF Vocal Performance Mask.  Research has shown it to have the best particle containment of all performance masks by Colorado State University.
There are 3 factors that are important in a mask (not necessarily in order of importance).
1. Particle Containment: the mask must be made of a material that has excellent particle containment.  Loosely woven, single layer cloth masks do not perform well and this is what the new guidelines are referring to.  Our masks are not woven but made of neoprene which is made of ‘extruded fibers’.  Our masks are triple layer, 2 neoprene layers with a filter layer in-between.  You can see the layers by looking at the seam on the inside of the mask.  Here is a link to the study that shows this mask to have the highest particle containment of all performance masks.
2. Tight Fitting: The mask must fit closely to the face, without moving/slipping/dislodging from the face when engaging the face and mouth in complete width of movement necessary for a healthy singers’ vocal production.  Our mask’s special construction allows the wearer to comfortably move his/her mouth while being completely covered.  It has adjustable ear loops, an extra-long wire over the nose that extends across the cheeks, extra width to reach broadly across the face to just in front of the ears, and a specially shaped section for fitting deeply under the chin.  All these make for a tight fit with no gaps.  The N95 masks are designed for medical workers and are not designed for staying in place when opening the mouth wide and ‘dropping the jaw’, as Nick always reminds us.
3. Breathability: Our masks have a large bell shape in front of the mouth and nose to allow for air exchange as you breathe and sing.