Virtual Singer Sign Up – Mystic Gospel 2022

Suggested Amount: $85.00

Mystic Gospel 2022
directed by Jonathan Singleton

8 Tuesdays, February 1-March 22, 7:30-9:30

This is for the Virtual Signup for viewing rehearsals via live stream.  If you wish to attend rehearsals in person, scroll to the bottom and click on the In-Person Signup.

Add a donation to the Scholarship Fund

Please add at least $10 for the Mystic Gospel 2022 Scholarship Fund, if you are able.    Especially in this challenging time, the scholarship fund helps to ensure that all singers can participate.

Request a Scholarship

Scholarships are available for up to 60% of the fee.  If you are requesting a scholarship, type in the amount you can afford to pay (minimum $36).

Cover the Service Fee

Will you add additional money to cover the service fee for processing your credit card or Paypal payment?  Please add $2.77 if you are able.

$10   scholarship fund
$2.77  service fee

Minimum Amount: $36.00


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