Stage Manager Notes

Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Concert Production Team:
Stage Manager: Bev Roche
Assistant Stage Manager: Ann Wynne
Concert Production Manager: Richard L’heureux

Please read the following information carefully as time will not allow for all of this info to be announced again at the dress rehearsal. Feel free to email Bev at if you have any questions.

Bev Roche

DRESS REHEARSAL     Tuesday, December 6th at Cary Hall

  • Call time: 7pm. You should plan to arrive a bit earlier to get settled, use the bathroom, drink some water.
  • PLEASE remember that we will be on stage for a long time in order to complete all the necessary sound checks for the concert. Each song is programmed individually so that singers and audience members have the best possible experience. Wear your comfortable concert shoes, bring plenty of water and snacks if needed. Also, you are welcome and ENCOURAGED to take breaks from standing whenever you need it!
  • Warm-ups in the hall are scheduled to begin at 7pm, but please be patient if adjustments are still being made on stage. There are a LOT of parts to coordinate in a short amount of time!

CONCERT DAY                        Thursday, December 8th at Cary Hall

  • Call time: 5:30pm in the Hall for warm-ups/rehearsal. Please plan to arrive a bit earlier to get settled.
  • Coats should be left in the singer gathering space. Please do not bring coats to the hall.
  • Valuables room will open 6:45 – 7:15


  • We will not be providing water so REMEMBER TO BRING ENOUGH WATER as there will not be water provided by Mystic. There are fountains you can refill from in the singer gathering area.
  • All singers must wear the black singer mask or a black KN95/N95 mask
  • You will be standing for a couple hours for the dress rehearsal and again for the concert so comfortable shoes are a must.
  • During the dress rehearsal, TAKE BREAKS IF YOU NEED TO. Sit on riser or move to the audience chairs.
  • Don’t lock your legs while standing. Keep knees bent a bit.
  • Be sure to hydrate well this whole week! Water is best. Try to avoid coffee/tea/alcohol as they tend to be dehydrating.
  • Make sure to eat well/healthy – food will be allowed in the singer gathering space on concert day.
  • NO food or drink is allowed in the hall so be sure to hydrate before both the dress rehearsal and the concert.
  • If you are diabetic – we suggest that you keep sugar tabs or something similar in your pocket in case it’s needed.
  • Get as much rest as you are able this week.
  • The lights and energy on stage can make it fairly warm so dress lightly.
  • Turn cell phones completely off please.
  • Un-wrap candy/lozenges before going on stage.
  • If you have requested a chair, please plan to sit through the entire concert. Standing will affect other singers’ ability to see the director.
  • While on stage:
    • please, no whispering or talking between or during songs
    • clap softly, especially if you are near a mic
    • SMILE AND HAVE FUN! Even with the masks, your “smile” will show in your eyes.


GATHERING ROOMS              Elevator from lobby on the left as you enter Cary Hall

SINGER ROOM           Estabrook & Hallway/Lobby – lower level

SOLOIST ROOM          Green Room – enter through back of Estabrook Hall

BAND ROOM              Kitchen – enter through Green Room at back of Estabrook

VALUABLES ROOM    For singer VALUABLES only – coats should be left in Estabrook

Robbins Room – lower level across from the Ladies Room

Opens: 6:45-7:15

After Concert: 9:45

RESTROOMS               Located on Lower Level