Volunteer Opportunities

Deepen your connection with the Mystic Chorale music & mission - volunteer!

The Mystic Chorale is an all-volunteer organization – we always need and appreciate your help! Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow singers, share your skills, strengthen our community and have fun along the way.

Take a look at the roles below, and please consider volunteering! If you have any questions or would like to sign up for any of the volunteer opportunities, contact our volunteer coordinator, Linda Shoemaker, at volunteer@mysticchorale.org .

Mystic Chorale Volunteer Opportunities


This is your chance to be a star and have a great time doing it.  Your duties begin 2-4 weeks before the first rehearsal. Responsibilities include: preparing the Producers’ message in the weekly N&N, weekly announcements, managing communication to singers with regard to season related “to-dos”, etc. It is a manageable and rewarding role for an organized individual who can commit to 5+/- hours per week throughout the season. Some computer/tech skills required but help is available. We’ll give you lots of support and training and your tuition will be waived for the season you produce.

Front of House Coordinator/Concert

Organize and oversee the training of ushers, coordinate the activities in the lobby including ticket sales, CD and snack sales, and act as a liaison, along with the stage manager, to the season Director about readiness to begin the concert. The ideal volunteer for this job is a well-organized person who has good people skills. One creative idea is to work on a team with another person and share responsibilities of this position. Time commitment: during concert season, one hour a week; during final few weeks of the season, three hours per week; arrive two hours early and remain about 30-45 minutes after the Dress Rehearsal & performances.

Front of House Coordinator Assistant/Concert

A role for a volunteer NOT singing in the season

Serve as Front of House Assistant for Saturday and/or Sunday of concert weekend. You will work under the direction of our Front of House Coordinator and oversee activities in the lobby while the Front of House Coordinator is on stage. Ideally we are looking for one person to volunteer for both Saturday and Sunday concerts, however we would consider splitting the days. Time Commitment: 2-3 hours on Saturday and Sunday of concert weekend.

Hospitality host for Band Room Concert Weekend

Manage purchasing and the set-up/removal of snacks for the band members in the band Green Room for the Saturday and Sunday concerts.  Mystic will provide you with a suggested snack list and budget for the weekend and reimburse you for the cost of the food.  Arrive a half hour before call time, bringing the food and set up the snack table prior to the concert, and clear the table after the performances.   Time commitment:  1 hour each day of concert weekend, Saturday & Sunday.

Stage Manager

Take charge of concert performance logistics.  This includes arranging the singers on stage and guiding them in getting on/off the stage (with input from the musical director) and making sure that any additional support is available (e.g. chairs for those who cannot stand for a whole concert).  You do need to be mobile enough to potentially negotiate the stairs multiple times over the course of the day. Arrival time at the concert venue on Thursday 6:00pm, Saturday 4:30pm, and Sunday at 1:00pm.

Asst. Stage Manager

Assist our Stage Manager at Dress Rehearsal Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday of the concert. This involves helping to post signs to direct the singers in the concert venue and helping the Stage Manager with any general tasks that are needed. You do need to be mobile enough to potentially negotiate the stairs multiple times over the course of the day.   Arrival time at the concert venue on Thursday 4:45pm, Saturday 5:00pm, and Sunday at 1:30pm. Either the assistant stage manager or the stage manager should not being singing in the concert

Rehearsal Sound Set-Up Volunteers

Help set up the speaker system for our rehearsals. You arrive at rehearsals at 7:00 pm to turn on the sound system and perform a sound check, and turn off the system after rehearsals. You will receive training in set-up and break-down. Time commitment: 45 minutes every week. We need to have the sound volunteers beginning with our first rehearsal.


Rehearsal Chair Set-up Coordinators – 2 needed
Rehearsal Chair Set-up Volunteers – 4 needed
Work on a team of people to set up the chairs and the front of the Sanctuary before each rehearsal. Arrive by 6:15 each week. Time commitment: 45 minutes every week. You will receive guidance on the set-up from the season Producers.

Rehearsal Ticket Sales – 6 needed
Sell tickets at rehearsal each of the last four weeks of the season either before rehearsal (7:00-7:30 pm) or after (9:30-9:45 pm).

Senior Sing Coordinator
Organize the end-of-season Senior Sing. Consult with Nick about schedule, make arrangements with senior facilities, and recruit singers. Time commitment: 6 hours at the end of the season.


Program Ad Sales Assistants

Work with our Program Ad coordinator, Olivia Tappan to:

  • Assist in conducting outreach via e-mail, calls and/or walk in to businesses in the Arlington area, to solicit ads for our Concert Programs
  • Assist in motivating the Chorale to sell ads to community businesses by helping with announcements at a few rehearsals
  • Assist in staffing a table before rehearsals to answer questions about ad sales for the 4 weeks prior to our deadline for submission.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week for 4 weeks during sales campaign each season (Note- the work is done about 2 weeks before each concert weekend).

Fundraising Committee Member and Event Assistants

Assist in creating and participating in fundraising events to support Mystic. No cold calling required! Make some new friends while supporting the Mystic Chorale!


Board members serve for 2 years and attend monthly board meetings plus one-day summer retreat in addition to duties listed.

Production Chair

Train and supervise season producers, registrar, Front of House manager, stage manager, and others to produce season.  Must be well organized, have good people skills, and be self-managing.  5-10 hours per week.