Working with Virtual Singers on website

Working with virtual singers on the Mystic website
current as of 8/11/2023

To find a list of virtual singers:

  • From the dashboard, go to WooCommerce/Export Order Items
  • Under “Presets” go to Virtual Singers
  • Check to make sure the report is filtering for the current season:
    • Click the pencil icon to check the date range
    • Start date should be the date registration opened for the season (ie, for Fall 2023, it should be 8/1/2023)
    • End date should be the end of the registration period (for Fall 2023, I put 10/1/2023 to leave room for virtual singers who sign up late)
    • If you update these dates, click “Save Changes” (first black box, upper right)
    • Click Export (orange button at the bottom of the page)
    • Excel Doc will download to your computer
  • NOTE: Once you have confirmed and saved the dates once for the season, you can run the report directly without the above steps. Instead, once you get to WooCommerce/Export Order Items:
    • Click the download button to run the report
    • Excel Doc will download to your computer


Creating Season Registrations for Virtual Singers:
Virtual Singer Sign-ups do not behave in the same way as in-person registrations.  They are considered a “regular product” rather than a “singer sign up product.”  The website is only set up to recognize ONE singer sign-up product per season.

As a result, Virtual Singers do not show up in the member directory or reports until we manually create a season registration for each virtual singer.  To do this:

  • From the dashboard, go to “Season Registrations”
  • Click “Add New Season Registration”
  • Under “Singer” look up the person by their name or email – sometimes the singer will show up by name, sometimes not. But they usually show up by email.  Try a couple of variations if you need to.
  • When you find the person, click on their email/name to begin
  • Select the season
  • Skip “Season Date” and “Drop Date”
  • Under Registration Status, click “Active”
  • Under “Registration Paid,” click “Paid”
  • Under “New Singer,” click yes or no. (If you’re not sure, you can check the member directory to see if they have sung before)
  • Under “Buddy,” click no.
  • Go back to the top of the page and click the blue “Publish” button on the upper right.
  • The singer will now show up in reports and the Member Directory for the season.