Zoom Intro for Singers – Agenda

INTRO TO ZOOM SESSION – AGENDA                                              

Used for Mystic Gospel 2021 – January 5, 2021

NOTE: Very helpful to collect RSVP’s in advance, asking people about their experience level, what devices they will use, what specific questions they have.  Here is the Google Form we used this time.

    • Sketch out intention & flow of the next hour
    • Introduce ourselves
  • PREFACE: “Your experience may vary”
    Zoom behaves differently on different devices and different versions.  If what we’re explaining doesn’t reflect what you’re seeing, sit tight & we’ll make sure we cover variations based on device or version
    • the online singing experience & what to expect
    • singing together demo
    • different ways we will learn, rehearse and sing “together”
    • gallery view/speaker view
    • mute/unmute
    • video on/off
    • renaming yourself for sectionals or breakout rooms
    • scroll through pages of participants
    • see/use the participants list
    • open/close chat
    • send a message in chat (whole group & private chat)
    • how to find host(s)
    • “thumbs up” or other reaction emojis
    • getting back onto a zoom meeting “I can’t see you anymore”
  • ZOOM “Etiquette”
    • MUTE
      • stay muted unless you are actively speaking/singing
      • be mindful of your background noise during social time
      • when we start to sing, double-check that you are muted
    • VIDEO
      • have lighting in front of you so we can see your face
      • remember we can see you
      • no eating or personal hygiene when your video is on
    • CHAT
      • keep chat to a minimum; it’s distracting to others
      • keep chat free of non-Mystic conversation; no politics, etc.
      • if you have technical trouble, send chat message to “Mystic Chorale” Host
    • HOW TO VOLUNTEER (ie, sing a solo or anything else)
      • unmute yourself & speak up, unless instructions are otherwise