Band Hospitality Volunteer job description

Band Hospitality Coordinator Job Description (Updated Fall 2023 – post-pandemic)

The Band Hospitality Coordinator brings refreshments for the Mystic director, band and guest artists.

The Hospitality Coordinator will:

  • Shop for refreshments (please save receipts for reimbursement)
  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine whether we have enough supplies (ie, paper goods, serving platters, bowls, etc) and shop to supplement these as needed
  • Bring refreshments to the hall and set them up in the designated band room
  • Clean up refreshment area at the end of the concert.
    • Send extra food home with band members, if needed
    • Return paper goods and supplies to Volunteer Coordinator (in the lobby)

Guidelines (Fall 2023):

  • Budget: $60 for food. Up to $100 if we need to replenish paper goods & serving plates/bowls
  • Number of people: 13
    • 5 band members
    • 4 guest artists
    • 1 Director
    • 2 sound crew
    • 1 livestream crew
  • Suggested food list: This is the first time we are offering band refreshments post-Covid.  In the past, we typically had a combination of: Hummus, cheese & crackers, fruit, nuts, cookies, that kind of thing.  I think it might be appreciated to have some things that are individually wrapped or portioned, such as:
    • Individually wrapped cheese (like cheese sticks or mini baby-bells)
    • Individual portions of nuts or trail mix (Trader Joe’s has these)
    • A bag of clementines or other easy-to-peel oranges and/or grapes pre-cut into mini bunches
    • It’s probably not realistic to have everything in individual portions, but where it’s easy/possible, let’s try for that.
  • Water is coming from another volunteer, no need for that.
  • Location of the band room: Downstairs kitchen, accessible from the downstairs lobby, or from the stage & down the stairs.


Notes from Marta Kabalin, Band Hospitality Coordinator, Fall 2023

+ Popular items: clementines, mini Babybel cheeses, almonds, Craisins, chips, pretzels
+ Less popular items: granola bars, bananas — with 50-75% remaining
+ Less popular items: crackers, cookies — perhaps because not individually wrapped
+ Least popular item: raisins — 100% remaining
+ Remaining items, food (non-perishable) and paper goods will be brought to the singer potluck