FAQs for Singers

What kind of music does Mystic Chorale sing?

We sing songs from many cultures, believing that we honor cultural traditions by doing so.  Over the years, we’ve sung songs from the traditions of Eastern Europe, Israel, South and West Africa, America, Latin America,  Ireland, Gospel, and sacred spirituals.  Our fall and spring concert seasons center around a specific theme, and our winter season focus is Gospel.

Do I need to audition to sing with the Chorale?

Mystic Chorale is open to all who love to sing! No audition is necessary unless you decide to try out for a solo.

Do I need to read music to sing with Mystic?

We provide both a practice CD and printed music for both the Fall and Spring seasons; sight reading is a plus, however, you do not need to know how to read music. We encourage you to use a recording device to capture your part at rehearsals so that you can practice during the week.  All music must be memorized before the performances.

What is the minimum age limit to sing with Mystic?

The minimum age to sing in the Mystic Chorale is 14 years, subject to the approval of the current season’s conductor.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

What do I do if I’m not sure about what part I sing?

The Chorale sings in four sections: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Come to the first rehearsal and try out a part.  If you find yourself straining to hit the higher (or lower) notes, you probably should try a different part. Feel free to switch!

Where are rehearsals held?

We rehearse at First Parish Church, 630 Massachusetts Ave. in Arlington Center (Directions).

When are Mystic’s three seasons?

There are three seasons, each culminating in two performances- on Saturday at 7:30 pm and on Sunday at 3:30 pm. There is a mandatory dress rehearsal on the Thursday before each concert weekend. See the calendar for each season for exact dates.

  • The fall season begins in September with 10 Tuesday rehearsals and 2 performances in November.
  • The winter season has 8 Tuesday rehearsals beginning in early January and 2 performances in late February.
  • The spring season begins in March with 10 Tuesday rehearsals and 2 performances in May.

Is there a size limit for the Chorale, or does everyone get in?

We can only take as many singers as our concert stage can accommodate, however, we are usually able to take everyone who wishes to sing.

How do I pay the fee for singing?

You pay online using a credit card or Paypal account. Contact registration@mysticchorale.org with problems.

What is the refund policy if I decide not to continue singing?

You can obtain a refund through the second rehearsal, less a $20 administrative fee. Go to the Members Area and click on Drop a Season.  Please contact registration@mysticchorale.org with problems obtaining a refund.

Is financial aid available?

It is a part of the Mystic Chorale’s mission to ‘welcome all who love to sing’ regardless of ability to pay the registration fee. Mystic Chorale offers singers the opportunity to apply for a scholarship when signing up to sing in a season. We ask that each singer pay at least 40% of the full tuition.

Our scholarship program is based on the honor system; the Chorale does not ask for proof of need. All requests are kept confidential. Neither the artistic staff nor the general Mystic population will have knowledge of any scholarship application.

Most of the money to support scholarships is generously donated by fellow singers from the same season’s cohort. Please respect the generosity of spirit that makes this scholarship program possible when applying.

Scholarship recipients are expected to contribute some volunteer time to the Chorale during the season in which they receive a scholarship.

What happens if I miss a rehearsal?

We understand that you may have to miss a rehearsal from time to time.  If you miss more than two regular rehearsals during a concert season, please contact one of the season producers about singing in the concerts. We hold a special sectional rehearsal for each singing section, which may be used as a makeup.

Are the venues handicap accessible?

Our rehearsal space and concert venues are handicap accessible.

Are the venues accessible by public transportation?

Our venues are accessible by public transportation. Complete information and directions can be found here:

Is the Mystic Chorale a “for profit” organization?

No. The Chorale has been a non-profit organization since 1999.

Does Mystic have a political/religious affiliation?

The Mystic Chorale is not affiliated with any political or religious ideology. The community is made up of people from many creeds, backgrounds and affiliations who come together to celebrate the joy of singing the songs of the many cultures of the world.

How do I advertise in the Mystic Chorale concert program?

Please contact programads@mysticchorale.org and see our Program Ad Information.

How do I buy CDs?

You can purchase CDs of our concert performances online!   You can also contact cds@mysticchorale.org .

Where do I go with other questions about the Mystic Chorale?

Please feel free to email us at info@mysticchorale.org .