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MANY thanks to all of you who are using posters, e-vites, and word-of-mouth that will help us fill the hall for this remarkable season’s concert!!

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I’m singing in a great concert this December, and I hope you’ll join us!

In his last season before stepping down as Artistic Director, Mystic Chorale Founder Nick Page leads us in a concert packed with emotional punch that will lift your spirits and move your soul!

The program ranges from rousing Gospel, South African, and Israeli songs to a new Nick Page piece HaLev Roked (The Heart Dances). The performance ends with Nick’s anthem A Promise I Will Keep, Every Day Is a Day of Thanksgiving (with Mystic alumni) and a heartfelt farewell song for Nick.

If you’ve experienced a Mystic Chorale concert before, be sure to come back for this one; if you’re new to Mystic, this is the season to experience the magic!

Thursday December 8th at 7:30 pm
Cary Hall, 1605 Mass Ave, Lexington, MA

Tickets: $25 (live); $15 (livestream)

For information, Covid precautions, and tickets: