Dress Rehearsal Guidelines

The keys to a successful Mystic Chorale dress rehearsal include patience, consideration, listening and taking care of yourself!

Note: If you need a chair during the concerts, please let the operations crew know beforehand. They will have chairs available and will direct you to where you may sit.

  • Dress rehearsal is mandatory. If you cannot attend the dress rehearsal, you cannot sing in the performances.
  • Dress rehearsals are held at the concert venue, please visit the directions page for directions and parking information. If you can, arrive a little early so that you can explore this amazing building and store your gear before we get started.
  • Call Time: “Call time” is the term we use to indicate when you should be in Converse Hall ready to sing; please be seated in the auditorium ready to rehearse at this time. Dress rehearsals can be lengthy, so the sooner we’re ready to go, the sooner we will be able to leave.
  • Self-care: If you feel like you need to sit during the dress rehearsal, exit the risers quietly and have a seat in the auditorium.
  • Arrangement of singers: Dress rehearsal begins with the task of arranging ourselves on the risers. If the producer, the stage manager or another member of the operations staff asks you to move once we’re arranged on the risers, please do so promptly and without complaint they have years of experience and want us to be able to see and sound our best. Our sound people will be working around us, so be mindful of them and their equipment.
  • Memorization: Make sure to have all of your music memorized – lyric sheets are not allowed on stage. Feel free to bring your audio recorder to dress rehearsal to make note of any last-minute changes.
  • Attire: You do not have to wear concert attire for the dress rehearsal, but we do ask that you wear the shoes that you’re going to have on at the concerts so that we have an accurate height distribution. Comfort is more important than style when it comes to shoes for performances!
  • Patience, please: Above all, please be patient and courteous to your fellow singers and the volunteers working around you! There are a lot of arrangements that are made during dress rehearsal so that we will be able to give our audiences the best experience possible.
  • Valuables: Please leave anything valuable at home. Also, please remember to check before you leave and to take everything you brought (sweaters, gloves, etc) home with you.
  • Hydration. There will be water available for you in the practice areas in the basement so bring your water bottle. Unless it is particularly steamy, bottles should not be brought on stage during rehearsals and are never allowed on stage during performances.
  • Questions: If you have questions, suggestions, or comments before, during or after the dress rehearsal, please feel free to contact producers@mysticchorale.org .