COVID POLICY UPDATE – Updated December 2023

From the Mystic Chorale Board of Directors:

  • Masks:  Singers may sing masked or unmasked, as a matter of their personal comfort and preference.  We ask unmasked singers to stay aware and respectful of masked singers who may want to keep their distance from others without masks.
  • Seating arrangement: We will ask singers NOT wearing masks to sit at the front of their sections so that they are not singing over masked singers.  We will have clear signage and volunteers on the first night to organize seating – please follow their guidance.
  • Vaccinations: Proof of full vaccination is required of most people in the Sanctuary.  A singer who is not vaccinated must bring evidence of a negative Covid test to rehearsal each week, wear a mask at all events including the concert, and must sit behind the line in their sections.  No more than 3 unvaccinated singers will be allowed in each section.
  • Wellness check: At sign up each week, please take note of our wellness requirements to safely participate.  By checking in, you are attesting that you are not experiencing any Covid symptoms, and have not been recently exposed to someone with Covid. The wellness requirements will be prominently displayed by the sign-in sheets.
  • Alternatives for anyone under the weather: We will expect any singer not feeling well to stay home, for their own safety and for the safety of the community. Those not feeling well can participate via livestream.  The livestream link will be in the News & Notes each Friday and the rehearsal reminder email on Tuesday.
  • Ventilation: We have become skilled at modifying the ventilation in the sanctuary and vestry to provide strong ventilation appropriate to singing. We monitor the system as we sing with a CO2 meter.   For more information on what the experts on indoor singing are saying, click here
  • Policies for those who might have been exposed to Covid or become ill:
    • We ask that any singer who tests positive for Covid to let us know immediately. We will notify other singers that someone has tested positive, specifying the dates when the person was infected, and their section. No name or other identifying information will be shared.
    • Any singer who is not feeling well or who has been been exposed to someone with Covid will be asked to stay home and watch the livestream simulcast of the rehearsal.
  • Please know that things could change:  The Board may change these protocols at any time.  If we have a Covid outbreak, or if there is a surge or change in CDC recommendations, we may return to requiring masks for all singers.

We are monitoring variants of the virus, infection rates in Eastern Massachusetts, booster shot recommendations, how other singing groups fare, how audiences attending live concerts fare, and other relevant news.

For ongoing updates 
We will stay in touch with the Mystic community via email, at sign-up, and via News and Notes once the season is launched.

Please feel free to send questions and comments to .

Looking forward to an exciting season!
The Mystic Board of Directors