How to Have a Great Choral Experience

How to Have a Great Choral Experience

Use an Audio Recorders

We highly recommend that you use an audio recorder to record rehearsals.  It’s a great way to memorize the music and remind yourself of key points!

Take Care of Yourself

There will be times when we take a break during rehearsal and times when we won’t.  Please take care of yourself–get up and stretch, refill your water bottle or visit the bathroom as necessary.   If you find that you must leave for a break, please do so quietly.

Sit Where You Can Hear

If you are having trouble hearing your part, find a strong singer in your section and ask if you can sit near her/him where you can really hear. The best way to do this is to sit in front of a strong singer.

Stop to Listen

If you aren’t getting something, stop singing and listen for a while. With so many voices, one can easily drop out temporarily during rehearsals. You will also learn the part better if you don’t sing the wrong notes over and over again. Take a break if your voice is getting tired.

Drink Up!

Singing is thirsty work so we’ve provided a water cooler in the back of the sanctuary.  Please bring your own water bottle to fill up. (Re-usable recommended!)

Attend Sectional Rehearsals

Sectional rehearsals are extremely valuable and we encourage you to attend if at all possible.  Mystic is a large chorus and there is much to learn in a short period of time.   See Your Season Calendar for dates.

Arrive on Time

Please be in your seat and ready for rehearsals by 7:25 p.m.

Attend Rehearsals

You may not miss more than two rehearsals (without attending a sectional rehearsal).

Attend the Dress Rehearsal

You must attend the dress rehearsal. This is mandatory.

Don’t Talk During Rehearsals

Please refrain from conversation during rehearsals.  If you have questions about the music you are singing, you can quietly ask the person next to you.

Come Unscented

Do not wear perfumes or colognes to rehearsals or any Mystic events.  We have singers who are severely allergic to them.

Sit in Your Section by Height

If you are tall, please leave the first few rows of chairs in your section open for the shorter singers.