How To Rename Yourself in Zoom

How to Rename Yourself in Zoom
During rehearsals, we’ll often be asked to rename ourselves in Zoom. Why? To indicate our voice part, to say we’re new to the chorale, or for when we have guest choruses.

How to rename yourself:
  • Once you’re in the Zoom meeting, click the “Participants” icon. This will open a list of all the participants in the meeting.
  • Find yourself on the list – usually, you will be at the top of the list.
  • Hover over your name and click “More”
  • Select “Rename”
  • A box will open with your current name. Add or edit here, then click “save” You’re done!
  • Alternatively, on some devices, you can find your video, go to the upper right corner, and click the icon with three dots […]. From here, click “Rename” – that’s it!
NOTE: Zoom is slightly different on PC, mac, iPads, and phones. If these methods don’t work on your device, we can help during rehearsal.