How to “Stop Video” on Zoom

How and When to “Stop Video”

We LOVE seeing your smiling, singing faces on Zoom!
But now and then, there are good reasons to turn off your video feed.

Like what, you ask…?
Well, for example, please turn off your video if you are doing something other than “smiling and singing”! Such as:
  • Eating
  • Doing your nails
  • Working out
  • Walking from room to room

All of these are distracting to other singers (and drawn from real-life examples during Mystic Zoom sessions!).

How to Stop Video:

Find the video camera icon on your screen (see example in the photo here). It will say “Stop Video.”

Click it once to turn off your video. You’ll see a red line through the camera, and the words will change to “Start Video.”

To turn your video back on, click again, and you’re back, that’s it!

This will NOT end your session or remove you from the meeting, it will simply stop your video feed and show your name instead of your face.

If you haven’t tried this before, try going back and forth a few times next week to get comfortable turning on and off your video.