Introducing Jamulus for Synchronous Singing!

This season, we will be introducing Jamulus to our sessions.  This is a free software that allows a small group of singers to sing without the lag.  With four or five singers on Jamulus, the rest of our singers on Zoom will able to hear all four parts at once.

Nick will be looking for a core of about 15 singers – singers who are confident and tech savvy.  We can feature no more than seven singers at a time so Nick will be assigning a handful of Jamulus volunteers each week to prepare songs ahead of time.  Please review the information below about the technical and hardware requirements.  We wish we could say it’s easy to set up, but it’s not.  Let Nick know if you’re up for the challenge.  If Nick is unfamiliar with your voice, he may ask you to audition privately.

To use Jamulus, you MUST have:

  • Ethernet wire plugged directly into computer (Newer MACs require an ethernet adaptor)
  • External wired headphones or earbuds (no wireless earphones)
  • External Mics work best but built-in microphones also work.
  • MACs are better for Jamulus. You can run both Zoom and Jamulus at the same time on a MAC but on a PC you’d need a secondary device for Zoom plus you’d have to download additional software. Instead of using a secondary device like a smartphone or tablet, PC users can simply log out of Zoom and join Jamulus. But since Jamulus is audio only, you would not have the Zoom experience of seeing other singers.
  • For more information, Don Abrams, a friend of Mystic alto Karen Grossman wrote up this write-up:

Nick is currently compiling further details as we have learned that two people using identical computers and identical operating systems can run into different issues related to security settings, sound input on the computer, sound output on the computer, sound input on Jamulus and sound output on Jamulus.

If you’d like to volunteer to be a Jamulus harmony singer, please contact Nick at nick@nickmusic.com.