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Fall 1999: Dr. Phillip Woods was engaged to guest direct the Mystic Chorale’s Gospel Season. Over 250 singers were on stage at Carey Memorial Hall in Lexington, with over 1200 people in the audience!

Winter 2000: The Mystic’s first touring ensemble performed at various venues throughout Greater Boston.

Spring 2000:  Mystic Chorale celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a special concert at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge. With Nick Page leading and joined by featured guests Phillip Woods and Linda Brown-San Martin, the 250+ singers began the concert with “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the African American National Anthem, to a sold-out house.

The Mystic Outreach Fund was started honoring the 10th anniversary of the Chorale and Nick Page’s work with children in the Greater Boston schools. The fund provided programs to teachers to help them learn new and creative ways to teach students singing.

Fall 2000: The First Mystic Workshop was held, a 3-day event featuring Dr. Ysaye Maria Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Winters 2001-2003: Guest Director Linda Brown-San Martin led the Mystic Gospel.

Summers 2002 – 2004: Fifty singers, led by Nick Page, traveled and sang with civic groups and choirs throughout the Black Forest region of Germany and Switzerland, learning much about the people as they went. The subsequent summer more than thirty Mystics traveled to Quebec City and Northern Vermont, singing with Les Rhapsodes, in Quebec City and serenading the Page Family at their home in northern Vermont.

Nick led another fifty singers in a tour to Costa Rica in July 2004. This touring chorale had the good fortune to be accompanied by Jonathan Singleton on piano. Mystics sang with local groups, hiked through the rain forest, swam  in the Pacific Ocean, and witnessed a volcanic eruption!

Fall 2003:  There was a Mystic Fall Getaway weekend at Camp Bournedale in Plymouth, MA. Over 100 people joined Larry Gordon and Patty Cuyler of Village Harmony, a community singing organization, exploring Balkan and shape-note music.

Spring 2004: Mystic returned to Sanders Theater with the Silver Leaf Gospel Singers, a 7-member a capella Gospel group established in Boston in 1945.