Arlyn Roffman

  • Chair, Publicity

In search of new sources of joy back in 2010, Arlyn hit the jackpot when she joined Mystic Chorale! She has been singing ever since and has been enriched by both the music and the community that Mystic offers. She reports, “I started volunteering right away when I joined; I immediately made a new friend AND felt more a part of the whole Mystic experience. When I retired in 2014, I decided to jump in and become a Board member. I had no real background in Publicity, but there was the need, so I agreed to take it on. With mentoring, I learned the ropes and now take great satisfaction in getting the word out to the public about the opportunities to sing with Mystic and/or to hear our music.”

Arlyn’s a psychologist with a specialization in young adults with disabilities. She loves porches and reading and exploring new cultures through music and travel.