Michele Meagher, Admin Director

  • Admin Director
Would it help if I told you at the outset, that even though I cannot carry a tune, in Grade 6 I was designated the song leader for my Girl Scout troop in Schenectady, New York, because according to my troop leader: “Michèle makes up in enthusiasm what she lacks in talent. Plus, she gets everyone to sing!”
I attribute my enthusiasm and outgoing personality to having been Jack’s daughter. I grew up as a Navy brat who moved every three years, having to make new friends everywhere we moved. My time as the Arlington Chamber of Commerce director was informed by knowing what it’s like to be on the fringes of a group. I made it my mission to welcome all, connecting Chamber members with each other, the Arlington community, local government and the town’s local media. I think these experiences have made me hard-wired to connect others.
Since its beginning 12 seasons ago, I have been the program coordinator for the Arlington Robbins Library Plug in series, targeted to older adults. Plug in guest artists have included Nick Page, Louise Grasmere, Linda Shoemaker and Eric Kilburn’s band Swing Cafe.