From: Donna san antonio <>
To:; Olivia Tappan <>
Cc: Annemarie San Antonio <>
Sent: Fri, Oct 14, 2022 8:54 am
Subject: Artistic Director Search

Dear Olivia and Patricia,

I hope this transition season at Mystic Chorale is going well. It was a joy to sing with you a few years ago and I hope to do so again at some point. My sister, Annamaria, keeps me posted and I still receive all the announcements by email.
The Clearlakes Chorale is together again after more than 2 years, and we are having a terrific season.  Andy Campbell is the Artistic director and I have a great deal of appreciation for his amazing artistic talent and for his interpersonal skill.
I thought I would pass on to you his contact information.  He has a great deal of experience as a conductor and composer. He has worked with people across the lifespan and has conducted all sorts of music.  He has a lot of appreciation for Nick and Mystic Chorale.
When I spoke with him recently, he said it would be okay for me to share his contact information so here it is:
Cell phone:  603-630-4330
Of course, please also feel free to give me a call: 603-515-6457. And I completely understand if this is not the right time to follow up on any of this.
All the best,