Our Stay-at-Home Season

Musings, inspiration and good news from the Mystic Chorale

May 8, 2020
Nick Page LIVE with the Zamir Foundation on “Music in Challenging Times”
This Sunday, May 10 @ 4pm

Dear Mystic Friends,

Nick Page here.

This Sunday at 4 PM, I will be the guest of the Zamir Choral Foundation in conversation with their director Mati Lazar. A link to registration is below.

For over twenty years I have been leading sings and workshops at the foundations summer conference, the North American Jewish Choral Festival, where I was to receive their Hallel V’Zimrah award this summer (The festival and the award will happen in 2021).

This is their fifth Sunday session. It will be a lively and hugely positive session focusing on how creativity and compassion will pull us through this world health crisis.

Nick Page

This is a free event, but you must register in advance to attend.
Click HERE to register

For more information, visit the
Zamir Choral Foundation online.

April 28, 2020

Mystic Sing-Alongs spread joy and connection from coast to coast!

In the first month of our online sing-alongs, more than 800 people have tuned in on laptops, iphones and tablets to sing together and experience the special magic of the Mystic Chorale and Nick Page via Zoom. Some are faithfully tuning in to every sing; others find us each week for the first time. It’s a joy to see you all!

Mystic singers from all over greater Boston have participated, as well as Mystic alumni, friends, family and fans from all over the country.  In just the first four sings, folks have tuned in from: Maine, Vermont, New  Hampshire, Connecticut, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada!

One Mystic alum, now in Wilmington, North Carolina, was so moved by singing “River” at the sing-along that she wrote in asking to use the video in her online Zoom church service.  She wrote, “I miss being able to sing with you and so appreciate that Nick is sharing his virtual sing alongs with the greater community. My seasons singing with chorale hold a special place in my heart.”

The Mystic magic is spreading, coast to coast!  If you have a story about the Sings you’d like to share, please email us at volunteer@mysticchorale.org  – we’d love to hear from you!

April 24, 2020
Ode to Spring: There is music all around us!

Each week, our season producers, Gale and Tom, have been sharing messages of hope and connection.  This week, Gale’s musings on the beauty and music of our (slowly!) emerging spring were particularly poetic:

Dear Singers,

It’s always darkest before the dawn, and in the same way, the earth in our hemisphere takes a long nap before bursting into color and song: the soft greens and the quiet pinks of fruit trees and magnolia, the deepening yellows and reds of the tulips, the bird-chirps that explode into chorus, and the cacophony of toads and peepers in our ponds and forests. There is music all around! We hope that you take comfort and find hope in these blessings of life all around us, even as we remember and mourn those whose lives have been taken. Our rehearsals each week remind us to stay in the moment and to believe in our power to create a “new now.” SING OUT!

April 21, 2020
In honor of Earth Day: “Paper or Plastic” by Nick Page
featuring Nick Page and Anna Schwartz-Cohen


April 19, 2020
Nick Page’s Public Service Announcement.
Wear Your Masks In Public


April 17, 2020
Musings on We Shall Overcome
And a powerful virtual choir performance that is an anthem for our time

Each week, our season producers, Gale and Tom, have been sharing messages of hope and connection.  This week, Tom was inspired by a new virtual choir video of “We Shall Overcome,” performed magnificently by the Aeolians of Oakwood University, in Alabama.

Dear Singers,

Our mission is to make music a participatory experience, promoting singing as an act of compassion…

It is passing strange to serve as producer of the 30th anniversary season of the Mystic Chorale. Our first – and only – in person rehearsal seems so long ago. Hardly did we know, in the flush of the start of a new season, that we would so quickly and starkly lose the physical connection that gives so much to us as we raise our voices in song. We all wish we could know date certain we will be able to perform. We also are sad, worried for our friends and relatives, wondering what our future holds. It’s comforting to have the Mystic remain a constant presence in our lives, different though it is now, representing our highest aspirations. The Chorale has given us so much over the years – and this year is no exception.

Today we’re sharing (below) a special a cappella performance by The Aeolians. Listen to “We Shall Overcome”. If you are down, if you are up, if you’re stuck in neutral – listen to it. It brings a tear to the eye, the music is so powerful. But it also brings hope to the heart, as we know music is uniquely able to lift us. We are all in this together. Let us sing the song’s pledge together, separated though we be. We shall walk hand in hand… one day. Keep strong.

We Shall Overcome

by the Aeolians of Oakwood University, Huntsville, ALApril 8, 2020
Mystic Virtual Sing-Alongs with Nick Page keep us singing together!Because we all still need to sing – for our health, our joy, our sense of community and connection – Nick Page is leading weekly sing-alongs via Zoom, open to all.  This week we had a special surprise, when the one-and-only Ysaye Barnwell signed in to check it out!  Ysaye joined just as we were singing along with a video of her leading the Mystic Chorale in her song “Power, Lord.”  Here’s a quick snippet of that moment.  What joy!