Tips to Create an Awesome Video

Making an Awesome Video Recording
by Guest Columnist Kara Masters
most taken from practice tips shared in our Video Info Session on 2/2/2021

    Connect. Be yourself. Have fun!
    Please wear something festive and colorful for the Mystic Chorale tradition. ~Jonathan Singleton
    Choose a simple background with less distraction. If you can avoid pictures, doorways, distractions – simpler is better.
    Consider the light on your face; if you can provide front light or side light vs. back lighting – this will provide better light like the sun on your beautiful face. As people are “socially hungry” better lighting on your face will be welcome.
    Come forward. Be bold. Be present. Be animated. This is an opportunity to share yourself and to uplift others. If you are comfortable and movement brings you joy, “Go with the flow.”  ~ Jonathan
    Gaze into your camera lens as often as you are comfortable. Good eye contact with your comfort. Your eye contact will be welcome and embraced!
    Consider your camera angle above the face, rather than below (nostrils!); this angle is more flattering.
    “Be yourself. Be honest. Tell your story. At the core of who we are, we are longing for connection. You are not alone! You can not help but be moved. This is the way!” ~ David Coleman
    This is an opportunity to share yourself and to uplift others. Be animated, if you are comfortable and movement brings you joy; then move, People!! “Go with the flow.” ~Jonathan
    Gospel is the “good news!” We are spreading the good news! Have fun!!! Don’t fret. Peace.