Video Project Instructions

WELCOME – We are so glad you are participating in the Mystic Chorale’s Virtual Choir Video Project!
If you’re new to creating the videos, you might find there’s a bit of a learning curve, but we have lots of resources to get you started.  Please review the materials below and give it a try!  If you have questions, we have a some fellow singers ready to help.

Video Project Instructions and Resources

What you need:  To get started, you will need three things:

    1. A phone to record yourself singing (audio or video)
    2. A computer, tablet, or 2nd phone to listen to a reference recording you will sing along with
    3. Earbuds or headphones so the reference recording cannot be heard on your video

Written Instructions: How to Record Your Video on a Phone

Video: How to Record Your Video on an iPhone
Android phone users should find this helpful, too.  Please note: at the end of this video, the instructions say (incorrectly) to “email your video.”  Instead, we ask that you use the Dropbox link we provide to upload your video to us.  Thank you!  Many thanks to Kilian Mooney and the Sharing A New Song (SANS) Chorus for sharing this video with the Mystic!


Did you try to follow these instructions and still have questions, or need a helping hand?  Please email us and we’ll try to help!

Don’t have two devices?  You can record your video on Zoom, using just your laptop or desktop computer

Written Instructions: Virtual Choir Video Project Instructions Using Zoom (PC Version)

Written Instructions: How to Record on Zoom (Mac Version)

Video: Nick Page’s Introduction & Instructions for the Virtual Choir Video Project
This is a good overview of the whole process, plus the steps for recording your video on Zoom using a computer.