Week #5: April 13 – Joey Weisenberg

Joey Weisenberg

Joey Weisenberg brings contemporary touches to traditional Chassidic music, electric guitars and melodies that transport us….  Click photo for full bio & links.


Kol HaNashamah by Joey Weisenberg


Kol Ha-Ne-sha-mah te-hal-lel Yah! Hal-le-lu-jah!
All that has breath shall praise G-d.

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Video: Kol HaNashamah by Joey Weisenberg

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Lincoln’s Nigun  by Joey Weisenberg

Yamin u’smol tifrotzi
V’et Adonai ta’aritzi
Al yad ish ben partzi
V’nism’cha v’nagila

L’cha dodi likrat kala
P’nei Shabbat n’kabela

Bo’i v’shalom ateret ba’ala
Gam b’simcha u’ve’tzahala
Toch emunei am segulah
Bo’i chala, bo’i chala

L’cha dodi likrat kala
P’nei Shabbat n’kabela

The hymn was composed by the mystic kabbalists in Safed (Tsfat), Israel.
They would go out to the fields on Friday before sunset and welcome the Sabbath, as if she were a bride.
There is a kabalistic idea that the Sabbath represents the shekhina, the feminine side of God. On Shabbat the Shekhina and God get together (copulate).

The Song of Songs is also about a union of a man and a woman. And various theologians have speculated that it was a metaphor for God’s love for His people. So there is a similarity. The text of the hymn contains many direct quotes from the Bible, but I’m not aware of any directly to the Song of Songs

VIDEO: Lincoln’s Nigun teaching video