Week #8: May 4 – Melanie DeMore & Nthabi Thadaku

LYRICS for tonight’s session…

Melanie DeMore

Melanie DeMore – Whether she’s performing solo, leading stick pounding workshops, doing residencies with choirs all over the country or teaching Sound Awareness to 6th graders, baby boomers, or senior citizens, one thing is certain: her mission is to make sure you unlock the key to experiencing yourself in all your Glory and return home with the very same excitement & passion for living that she herself has…  Click photo for complete bio & links.


One Foot/Rise With Love by Melanie DeMore

You gotta’ put one foot front of the the other
and lead with love (4x)

Don’t give up hope,
You’re not alone
Don’t you give up
Keep movin’ on.

Lift up your eyes
Don’t you despair
Look up ahead
The path is there.

Lift up your voice
And proudly sing
We must be heard
Above everything

I know you’re scared
And I’m scared too,
But here I am
Right next to you

VIDEO: One Foot/Lead With Love by Melanie DeMore for Teaching

Sending You Light by Melanie DeMore


Free Free Free by Melanie DeMore

Video & Lyrics TBA

Other Songs: All One Heart, You Are Not Alone, Standing Stone, Rise Up, Bright Blue Sky, Tenderness,

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Nthabi Thadaku

Nthabi Thakadu is an dear friend of the Mystic Chorale having sung many South African songs with us…  Click photo for complete bio & links

Song: UKUTHULA  South African Prayer

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U-ku-thu-la  (peace) (Aleluia)
Ku-lom-hla-ba we-zo-no,
i-ga-zi li-ka Je-su lin yen yez’

U-ku-khol-wa  (faith) (Aleluia)
Ku-lom-hla-ba we-zo-no, 
i-ga-zi li-ka Je-su lin yen yez’ 
U-kun-qo-ba  (victory) (Aleluia)
Ku-lom-hla ba we zo no, 
i ga-zi li-ka Je su lin yen yez’ 
U-sin-di-so (redemption)
U-su-bon-ga (praise)
In-du-du-zo  (comfort)