CD – The Fiddle Sings [spring 2019]


Recorded live at Mystic Chorale’s performances May 18 and 19, 2019.


Nick Page

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Mystic Chorale presents: The Fiddle Sings

Directed by Nick Page with Joyce Andersen, Billy Novick & Jonathan Singleton
May 18 & 19, 2019  •  Cary Hall, Lexington, MA

1) If You Can Walk  by Fran Avni from Zimbabwe Expression

2) I Feel Music Everywhere  by Jane Sapp

3) If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out  by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
solo: Anthony Foxworth

4) Little David, Play On Your Harp  Spiritual

5) How Can I Keep From Singing?  by Robert Lowry & Ira Sankey
solos: Joyce Andersen, Jai Kaur & Cindy Kaplan

6) Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring  by J.S. Bach with words by Pete Seeger & Nick Page

7) Filled With Love  by Joyce Andersen
solos: Joyce Andersen, Anna Schwartz Cohen & Katie Dunton

8) Common Ground  by Joyce Andersen
solos: Joyce Andersen & Katie Dunton

9) New Hymn  by James Taylor & Reynolds Price
small chorus with solos: Paul Wehrlin & Cyndy Gaviglio

10) St. Anne’s Reel  Trad. Dance Tune
featuring Billy Novick, Joyce Andersen & Eric Kilburn

11) Cumbayah  as sung by The Dundee Voices of Joy & Sweet Honey in The Rock

12) Old Joe Clark  Trad. Appalachian
solos: Lindsay (Scooter) Chretien, Marian Weisenfeld, Louise DeBenedictus,
Brian Kopperl & Margie Hilton

13) Devil’s Fiddle  by Joyce Andersen

14) Yidl Mitn Fidl (Yidl With a Fiddle)  as sung by the Barry Sisters
trio: Erica Barrett Kenny, Carla Dorato & Cyndy Gaviglio

15) Niška Banja  by Dusan Cvetkovic
solos: Maja Fiket, Simona Bujoreanu & Paul Wehrlin

16) O When the Saints Go Marching In  Spiritual

Keyboards: Jonathan Singleton & Nick Page
Violin & Guitar: Joyce Andersen
Violin: Erica Barrett Kenny
Clarinet, Penny Whistle & Saxophone: Billy Novick
Bass: Allison Keslow
Harmonica: Jeff Levin
Mandolin: Eric Kilburn
Percussion: Matt Steinberg
Tambourine: Annmarie Strazzullo