Video – Gospel Roots – Mystic Gospel 2022


Recorded live at First Parish, Arlington, March 29, 2023.

Led by Jonathan Singleton.

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We Walk By Faith by John P. Kee
solo: Jonathan Gramling

We Need You Lord by Jonathan Butler
soloists: Anna Schwartz Cohen & Jill Updegraph

M’Lilo Vutha Mathanjeni South African spiritual
(The Fire Burns in the Bones) / arr. by Shimmy Jiyane)

If We Ever Needed the Lord Before by Thomas A. Dorsey
solo: Lynn Rosenbaum
Drummers: Linda Shoemaker, Louise Grasmere & Janie Ward

I Know I’ve Been Changed traditional spiritual
solo: Louise Grasmere

Kneebone traditional Gullah spiritual arr. by Ranky Tanky
solo: Carolyn Schneyer

God Provides by Kirk Franklin
solo: Carolyn Saxon

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn me Around traditional spiritual, arr. by The Isaacs
soloists: Amy Cotter, Mabel Liang & Maggie Leary

We Are One by Michael Trotter
soloists: Jonathan Gramling & Kristina Howell

Thank You by Walter Hawkins
soloists: Louise Grasmere, Carolyn Saxon & Jonathan Gramling

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