Video – Arise! Spring 2022


Recorded live at Cary Hall, June 10, 2022.

Led by Nick Page.

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Glory, Glory Hallelujah Spiritual
solo: Louise Grasmere

(National Anthem) Arise! Arise! by Jean Rohe
solos: Jai Anna San Antonio, Eric Behr & Amy Cutter

Poem: We Belong written & recited by Colette Byrne

Moon Is Walking by Joseph Shabalala
solo: Carla Dorato

Poem: I Feel Connected written & recited by Anna Schwartz Cohen

Parting Glass, Celtic Folksong
solos: Mark Parisi, Maggie Leary & Jim Hammerman

Poem: Across Miles of Silence written by Amy Lee
recited by Olivia Tappan

Die Gedanken Sind, Frei German Folksong
solos: Paul Wehrlin & Joyce Nichols

Try the Real Thing by Edwin Hawkins
solo: Louise Grasmere


Haleluya! PeloTsa Rona South African
select singers: David Anick, Jane Arsham, Cyndy Balyozian, Eric Behr,
Mary Bergeron, Simona Bujoreanu, Carla Dorato, Amy Fitzgerald, George
Foote, P.J. Gardner, Robin Goldstein, Karen Grossman, Jim Hickey, Susin James,
Steven Levy, Jada MacDonald, Cassandra Macias, Barbara Ostrom, Mark Parisi,
Frances Shashoua, Paul Wehrlin & Ann Wynne

Lo V’Chayil (Not by Might) by Linda Hirschhorn. arr. by Nick Page
solos: Maggie Leary & Cassandra Macias

Poem: We Sing by Maury Eldridge
recited by Eric Behr

Fill My Cup Gospel arr. by Jane Sapp
solo: Louise Grasmere

Steal Away Spiritual arr. by Dr. Ysaye Barnwell

I Open My Mouth to the Lord Spiritual

Pass Me Not by Douglas Miller based on hymn by Fannie J. Crosby & William H. Doane
solo: Louise Grasmere; special guests Jonathan Singleton & Donnell Patterson

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