Week #7: April 27 – Linda Hirschhorn & Gerry Dignan

LYRICS for April 27, 2021

Linda Hirschhorn

Cantor Linda Hirschhorn is a well-known performer and founder of the women’s a cappella quintet Vocolot. She has released six recordings and two songbooks of original material that reflect her pride in Jewish women’s heritage and a concern for social justice….  Click photo for complete bio & links.


Amazed by Linda Hirschhorn ©2013

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VIDEO: Amazed – Linda Hirschhorn singing her song with backing vocals by Melanie DeMore


May I stay amazed
for all of my days
At all of the ways
of the world’s turnin’,
Amazed at what I’ve got,
not what I’ve not,
All soon forgot
in the world’s turnin’.

* * * * * * * *

A Million Nightingales by Linda Hirschhorn

Based on a poem by Mahmoud Darwish

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VIDEO: A Million Nightingales sung by Linda Hirschhorn with Lyrics

VIDEO: A Million Nightingales Bass Tenor w Nick

VIDEO: A Million Nightingales – Nick teaches SATB parts

I have a million nightingales
on the branches of my heart (repeat)
Singing freedom, freedom, freedom. (repeat)


Gerry Dignan (8:00 pm)

A life-long educator, singer/songwriter, and Leader of Community Song & Dance, Gerry Dignan has led musical workshops at seminars, conferences and retreats across the US and abroad, including the United Nations…  Click photo for complete bio & links.


Loving Kindness  by Gerry Dignan

VIDEO: Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness, I’ll remember,
Through the storm and through the cold,
Like a fire’s glowing embers,
Loving kindness warms my soul.

The warmth of a stranger’s coat
In a dark and distant land,
The soft tender touch
Of a grandmother’s loving hand.
Songs sung by the neighbor’s fireside,
Circle of friends sit and watch the changing tide.
The long walks side by side along the quiet road,
The cup of tea in the night,
The tales that were told,
The open arms of welcome and the long embrace,
The understanding in your eyes, 
The comfort in your face.
The years they come, they go
And pass so quickly by,
Graced with memories of those who shared their lives,
Loving kindness,
Loving kindness,
Loving kindness.