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Zoom Resources

If you’re new to Zoom, there are lots of resources available online to get up and running.  We have found these to be helpful:

VIDEO: Using Zoom on your iPhone or iPad
by computers dot mom

VIDEO: Joining a Zoom call for the first time (for PC)
by Creative Life Center

ZOOM Help Center
Zoom has lots of help on its website:
Zoom Help Center
Zoom Video Tutorials

TIPS for getting the most out of Zoom and our online choir experience

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How to Rename Yourself in Zoom
During rehearsals, we’ll often be asked to rename ourselves in Zoom. Why? To indicate our voice part, to say we’re new to the chorale, or for when we have guest choruses.

Using Headphones or Ear Buds
Try using ear buds or headphones – you’ll be amazed at the difference!  Everything will sound MUCH more clear and natural, almost like you really are in the same room with everyone!

Adjusting your screen to see the Director or Guest better during screen-sharing
You’ve probably noticed that when someone shares their screen (to show lyrics or a score) the shared content takes up most of the screen, and the speaker is a tiny thumbnail.  This is easy to adjust on a PC or mac!  Follow this quick step by step guide to learn how.  (Clicking this link will open a pdf document with illustrated steps).

Using Zoom “Reactions” to Interact
Just because we’re muted doesn’t mean we can clap, cheer and show some love!  Learn how to use Zoom “Reactions” (emojis) to express yourself!  Learn how change the skin tone of your thumbs up, too.

How and When to “Stop Video”
We love seeing your smiling, singing faces!  But there are a few times we’d prefer your turn off your video, out of consideration for other singers…

Tips for Creating an Awesome Video
You’ve learned your part – now what?! Check out these tips for creating a video that helps you really SHINE, connect, and share your spirit!


If you’re performing in “Homegrown Tuesday” or sharing a song at the end-of-season Online Celebration, please adjust your Zoom settings to ensure your sound comes through as professionally as possible.  NOTE: choir singers do not need to make these adjustments, only soloists and instrumentalists.  Thanks!

Recommended Zoom Settings for Performers